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  • Why Harendra-Chitra College?
    Located on an idyllic spot, Harendra-Chitra College, Bhaktardoba remains a co-educational institution providing the aspireing scholars of the locality with equality education with all the facilities at its disposal.

    This center of higher education was established with view to addressing the needs of students belonging to specially and economically backward section of society who could not afford to go to far-off place for higher education. The hallmarks of the college happen to be moral and spiritual uprightness, Academy, Excellent and service to humanity.

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    Mission and Goals
    The institution aims an imparting knowledge of various disciplines amongst the youths of rural populace of the region to make them responsible and competent to face the challenges of modern world and contribute towards upliftment of society.

    Besides it endeavors to set an example of unity and integrity among different sections of people of the locality.